About Us

Hi Cutie!

Thank you for wanting to learn a little more about Keeping Basic and how we got started. To let you in on a little secret, I’m kind of a stickler when it comes to jewelry. My style was always a bit different from what my family liked and when it came to my fashion sense, the simpler, the better. To help you better understand, my mother has long acrylic nails, perfectly tanned skin, fake eyelashes that touch her eyebrows and MAC lipgloss that is always popping. My older sister, pretty similar minus the fake eyelashes. You can imagine my confusion as I grew into my own fashion sense, and liked the absolute opposite. Really - you couldn’t believe how many times I was called ‘basic’ … SO I like nude colors and I wear dainty jewelry SUE me!

Truth be told, I was pretty darn passionate when it came to finding everyday essentials that I could wear whatever the occasion.

Fast forward several years later: 

It was not until very recently, that I could afford the nice dainty things I've always liked. Reason being (in my opinion, that does still hold) they are WAY too expensive.

Then in June of 2019 I was sitting in my parents apartment freshly graduated and ready to move out. I was going to my boyfriends softball game in Chicago and was missing a cute little necklace to complete my outfit. With over an hour to kill before my trip I stopped into Target to grab the necklace I very much envisioned in my head. Slowly but surly… after looking for 20 minutes they had what I felt like was nothing. It was either a $15 necklace that was fake and would tarnish the moment I forgot it take it off when showering OR it was a $35 sterling silver barely there chain. Spoiler alter, I caved, spent the $30 dollars and couldn’t help but be very annoyed at myself.

A few weeks later, it came to me. What if I started my OWN jewelry company where I would make finding everyday basics easy and affordable. What if I started my very owned female run boutique … and well, I haven’t looked back since.

Here at Keeping Basic, I want every person who appreciates jewelry for what it is (in any capacity) to love what they purchase and wear. So if you too don’t die for a matching set that color coordinates with your outfit and instead would like a necklace or earring or hell even a ring that you never have to take off, then we’re your site.

XX - Kathleen